Happy New Year!  I went to India over the holidays and had time to reflect on goals for 2012. Here are some changes that I’ve made and new habits that I’ve created.

With my new friend in IndiaMaking Space
While unpacking from the trip, I took my time and did some winter cleaning. (Kind of like spring cleaning, but in January.)

In my bedroom, I have a hairdryer and hair straightener that live in a tangled heap near the outlet so that I can do my hair in front of the mirror in the morning. I cleared out space in my dresser so that they can stay in there while not in use.

Before picture – not cute!

I organized my sock drawer and threw out unmatched and mismatched pairs, now they are organized like little soldiers.

I used to keep all of my makeup on top of the bureau, where it gave the bedroom a cluttered and messy look. I created space so all of my makeup can stay in the top dresser drawer. AHHHHHH! Much better!

New and improved – much better

Bye Bye Facebook
Whenever I go on vacation, I love the break from technology. I love only looking at email every 3-4 days on vacation, instead of checking it obsessively in real-time. Realizing that there’s really nothing important there. I always swear to cut down on internet when I return home, but it’s never worked in the past. This time, something was different.

I didn’t make a big fancy “resolution” but I simply decided not to touch my computer in the morning before work, and to really keep it to what’s absolutely necessary (which is very little!) in the evenings. I have stuck to this faithfully in the mornings – it’s freeing up so much time and making my mornings more peaceful, less rushed and harried.

The only exception I have made in the evenings was catching up on 2 episodes of Revenge (guilty pleasure!). It’s made my evenings more peaceful, less distracted. Like magic, I now have time to do the dishes, put my clothes away neatly, read books, walk the dog, get to bed at a reasonable hour.

When not in use, I’m turning my laptop off and storing it away (whereas before it used to be out and about all the time). I’m doing this on the weekends as well. This has been an amazing change in my life!

I started meditating. 20 minutes in the morning, and 20 minutes at night. So far so good. I’m sure the benefits will be vast, but for now I can report that my sleep has been better. Falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, sleeping solidly through the night, waking up more refreshed. The first 2 changes (winter cleaning and less internet) happened naturally, but meditation was a very conscious goal that I set for 2012. Although cutting down on internet has helped free up the time for this meditation practice. I happened to read in O Magazine that Oprah is doing the same exact thing – 20 minutes morning and night – so I’m in good company!

Alkalizing Green Smoothies
I’ve always been a smoothie girl, but I’m experimenting with more super green smoothies. We’re talking LOTS of greens: lettuce, celery, cucumber, avocado, lime, mint, greens powder, banana, ice. The idea is to alkalize my body when I wake up. These smoothies are delicious – but not quite as delicious as a pumpkin pie smoothie. But my body is feeling great and they are nice and filling, so I’m sticking with them for now!

Green smoothie for breakfast! With romaine lettuce, avocado, celery, greens powder, cilantro, mint, banana and ice. Lessons Learned:
1. If you want to start a new habit (like meditation) think about what old habit you can get rid of. Otherwise I think it’s hard to “find time” for something new.

2. The single best way to free up some time that I can think of is to turn off the internet. Shut down your laptop and store it in the closet when “office hours” are over.

3. Clean your closet! Toss or donate a piece of “low self-worth” clothing! I get a huge sigh of relief just thinking about it 🙂